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Shay P.

I am 49 years old. I was born in Iran, grew up in France and relocated in the US at 28.

I grew up loving sports; playing street soccer and competing in volleyball and swimming...Although I was addicted to group sports, I had never experienced a gym until I came to CA! I never forget my first attempt in walking on a treadmill! A disaster! It took time to get some body coordination and some serious will to learn how to operate that equipment!

At 30 years of age, I had to restart my residency training, followed by 3 years of fellowship in medicine...Bringing this up here just to say that I did not have much free time to take care of me, my body, my mind! All about being scientifically competitive and striving for a higher 'goal'... Although I truly enjoy what I do now, I am positive I could have tried and succeeded in my path without making myself miserable with all that so called 'ambition' and 'striving'...

I started running at kind of an advanced age of 36 but did not know how to! So after 2 years of running almost 5 miles, 5 days a week, I really damaged my back. I was diagnosed with lower and upper back hernias, right and left, and degenerative disc disease involving almost my entire spine! After a total of 3 steroid injections on different spots, countless PT / chiropractic sessions and tons of anti-inflammatory meds, my PC suggested that I should not run anymore or lift heavy at all!

Well that was a blow to my psyche for sure! To make the matter worse, at 40, at my first screening mammogram, I was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery and radiation therapy and lots of counseling, I could get back to work and enjoy life in its simplest way; just being! (Just a side note to women; start your screening mammograms at 40 and if you have family history of breast cancer, at 35 and not later as some politicians and insurance lobbyists are trying to push for. It literally saves lives!)

However, something inside me always knew that this should not be it! I felt motivated and just refused to accept the awful situation I was in!

I read countess self improvement books, went to numerous meeting, stress reduction / meditation sessions, counseling etc! Powerful stuff, but not as much as I wanted them to be! After all, I was a sport junkie! So I went after finding the best trainer I could...

I know he will feel weird if I say his name, but I gonna do it! Greg Johnson was the trainer I needed! His  background in PT and overall knowledge of human body, especially  injured human body, were of tremendous help to me. I won't forget the first session with him when he picked up all my (in my thinking!), hidden imbalances; my overall bad a$$ posture, my weak core, stiff hamstrings and my screwy back! Oh well, needless to say that we started slow (for which I am tremendously grateful) to make my core stronger before doing any considerable lifting. This made me confident again and not afraid to try my back to actually start running and lifting again.

Now, almost 2 years later at 49, I can say that I have never looked or felt better in my life. It's not at all about how heavy one can lift, but how one can believe in her/himself again after not so friendly life events.

I needed to write this testimonial long time ago, but for some reason, possibly my spiritual beliefs, I don't like to talk about my past. Now I have another reason to forget the past and that is the knowing that the best is still to come!


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