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I grew up playing and loving competitive team sports. But, the farther I got from my high school and college years, the harder I found it to maintain a consistent level of fitness, even though my favorite things to do are physical and outdoor activities. The weekend warrior lifestyle just wasn’t working for me, and I found myself discouraged when I was unable to keep up with my friends and partner on bike rides, hikes, and in soccer games. And although it was easy enough to do cardio activity on my own, I was absolutely clueless about resistance training, even though I knew that building strength would support my goals.

I needed some instruction, structure, and accountability, so I started looking at personal trainer options. I found Coach Samantha in September 2018 and was lucky enough to work with her for almost a year before she moved to Sacramento. We started with personal training sessions, where Samantha helped me build confidence, and learn the fundamentals of resistance training and other key movements. Once I felt comfortable with the principles and technique, I moved to small-group sessions where I could still get a personalized workout for my goals but I didn’t require as much help or correction. I also enjoyed the (shockingly effective!) conditioning and interval training that Samantha built into our workouts; they greatly improved my cardio fitness for those weekend runs and hikes.

I really connected with Samantha’s coaching approach and personality — she is soft-spoken but always pushes you to test your limits, after listening attentively to your goals and concerns. Throughout my time working with Samantha, I learned that I actually really enjoy resistance training, especially seeing how heavy I can go on fundamental movements like the squat and deadlift. Samatha taught me the important parts of a strength training program and how to build a workout, so that I feel way more confident in my abilities when I go to the gym on my own or train with others. Not only am I physically stronger now, but I understand how essential resistance training is to being able to maintain an active lifestyle as an adult. I wish that Sacramento was closer to where I live so that I could continue to work with Samantha!

Joelle, 09/2018 - 08/2019

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