Myzone Board Workshop Heart Openers.png


- Sunday, August 28, 2022 from 9a-11am

- This workshop is FREE

- LIVE at Varimax (Limited Capacity; Priority to Varimax Members)

- VIRTUAL through Zoom (Open for All)

In this workshop we will use self myofascial release, dynamic and static stretching, and muscle activation techniques, with the goal of reversing the effects of rounded shoulders, tight and achy necks, and general upper body tension due to prolonged sitting.

This class is great for those that:
- Are constantly in a "focused-forward" position the majority of the day
- Have tension or tightness in their neck, back, chest and shoulders
- Experience headaches, neck aches, shoulder aches, or back aches
- Want to address better posture for overall wellness and function

You will need:
- About 6 square feet of space to move around
- Foam roller or any other self myofascial release tool you have. We will go over modifications as needed, depending on the tool available

The movement part of the class itself can vary from 60-75 minutes depending on the needs of the individual participants at the time of the event.