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Join us next month for our Varimax Workshop Series with Coach Cheri and her signature class!

Have you ever thought, “I can’t do that, it will hurt my back!”? By learning correct form and the why behind what we do, you will see you can get an amazing workout, increase your mobility and not wreck your back.

By now you have heard of a kettlebell & have even possibly used one. You may also have heard they are great for reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. In this workshop you will learn the basic moves in a kettlebell routine; The Turkish Get Up, The Deadlift and the Swing.

The Russian kettlebell is the answer to all of your fitness needs:

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Muscle building

  • Endurance

  • Fat loss

  • Flexibility

  • Resilience

Please wear low profile shoes ie, vans, converse, vibram, etc.


Please sign up through the Varimax Fitness APP!

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