Terri S.

I have been a loyal client/follower/fan of Greg's for over a year now. Fitness has always been a part of my life in one way or another but I must say hiring Greg for my training has been a game changer. As others have said, he's brilliant at taking you from where you are to beyond where you ever thought you might go. His knowledge base and depth of understanding the body & how it works is extraordinary. A student of his craft, he continues to learn & better himself to make his clients' experience the best possible. Top that with his engaging, fun personality and he offers quite the experience. I look forward to every session whether it's one-on-one or bootcamp because I know that hour will always be intense, challenging & most of all, fun! I'm 57 and no doubt stronger than I've ever been and most definitely in the best shape of my life -- mind, body & soul. Being consistent and having someone there to encourage you to do the hard work will not only change your body but the change goes so much deeper. Thank you, Greg, for continuing to push me beyond my (imaginary) limits & for being a part of my happy, healthy & fit life! 


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