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Elite Personal Trainer

Chris started his fitness journey when he was a skinny teenager who struggled to put on weight in high school. He discovered Exercise Science in P.E. and continued his studies and developed an interest in Powerlifting and Crossfit, which then became a game-changer for his body composition goals.

In college, Chris joined the Fraternity Lambda Alpha Epsilon as the Head Chair in the Health and Fitness Committee, where his duties were to coordinate exercises and training sessions for those that needed to pass physical fitness tests for ROTC and first responders. 

With the support of friends and family, Chris earned his Personal Training Certification in 2020 when COVID shut the world down. Personal Training has become so fulfilling watching clients go from not feeling capable of running a mile or not feeling strong enough to lift weights, to now seeing them as stronger, happier, and much more confident.

Since then he’s been committed to helping friends, family, and clients with their goals and becoming the healthiest versions of themselves. Chris understands what it takes to make progress in any fitness journey, and he is dedicated to guide his clients along the way. 

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